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Best Alcohol Rehab Centers

Alcohol addiction is something that affects individuals and their families drastically. That’s why treating addiction is a must. But you won’t always find the best-rated alcohol rehab centers among your local alcohol rehab centers.

Here in this article, I’ve tried to talk about the best alcohol recovery centers based in different locations in the US. Also, I’ve added two from Canada. The rehab centers I’ve talked about here are great in terms of service, location, quality, and many other aspects. So, you can put your trust in those.

Also, you’ll find many other best alcohol rehab centers in the US. The decision is yours. We’ve made our list through thorough research on many rehab centers.

Without further discussion, let’s see some of the best alcohol rehab centers in America and also a few centers outside of America.

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers East Coast

Mountainside Treatment Center

Mountainside Treatment Center

Mountainside Treatment Center is one of the best alcohol rehab centers on the East Coast with multiple locations. Its mission is not only to recover clients from addiction but also to help them to understand the true meaning of life. They believe in the holistic approach to recovering someone from addiction. So, they’ve designed their facilities and programs in a way to support the physical, mental, and internal well-being of the clients.

To help the clients heal from the deep inside their minds, Mountainside Treatment Center uses a number of wellness tools throughout the whole journey. But at the very beginning, they help you to find the right addiction treatment program by analyzing the reasons and effects of your addiction.

The Mountainside Treatment Center team consists of skilled and experienced addiction treatment professionals from various areas. They are eager to help the clients throughout the recovery process by supporting every aspect of healing. The supportive mindset, friendly environment, and use of proven procedures have made this an effective alcohol recovery center.

The place should be chosen because it helps to beat the addiction and gain total wellness that doesn’t allow the addiction to come back. Call 800 500 0399 for more. You can also visit their website- https://mountainside.com

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida

Ambrosia Treatment Center

Ambrosia Treatment Center

Ambrosia Treatment Center is one of the best places in Florida for alcohol addiction treatment. With more than 10 years of track record and 10K+ successful case studies, this place can be your choice if you live in Florida. It offers both residential and outpatient treatment systems.

The team of Ambrosia Treatment Center is full of top experts from the addiction treatment industry. The support staffs are also experienced and well-trained to make comfortable communication with the clients. The staff-to-client ratio is maintained well here to ensure individual support whenever needed. The facility ensures a supportive environment that speeds up the recovery.

Ambrosia Treatment Center follows proven methods and a holistic approach while treating the clients to get recovered from addiction. The treatment includes several effective and advanced therapies that make the process faster and quicker. They focus on the reasons behind addiction and design the process accordingly so that the clients can fight addiction from different aspects.

This place ensures lifelong support with a 24/7 helpline. So, you can take their help anytime you need it after the treatment period is over. For more, you can call at (888) 492-1633 or you can visit their website- https://www.ambrosiatc.com

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in NY

Ascendant Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

Ascendant Drug and Alcohol Detox Center provides a safe, peaceful, and premium environment to make their treatment process more effective. This place has a team of trained, experienced, and empathetic staff who are dedicated to performing their tasks carefully to bring out the best possible solution for the clients.

Their approach to treatment is very personal and designed depending on the individual needs and underlying causes behind the addiction. Also, they ensure effective participation of the client in the treatment process to make the recovery successful in the long run too. They ensure a facility and environment that is perfect for physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Ascendant follows a structured and effective work process to assess the underlying reasons behind the addiction, and design a treatment process that’ll help the clients to come back to a sober life. After the assessment, they start the treatment process that includes a number of effective and proven recovery therapies.

This place can help you or your favorite one to get rid of alcohol addiction in an effective way. To get more familiar with their services and facilities, check their website https://www.ascendantny.com/. You can also call them directly to talk. Call anytime at (866)219-7804. If you have any questions, leave a mail at info@ascendantny.com.

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Texas

Into Action Recovery Centers

Into Action Recovery Centers is one of the inpatient alcohol rehab centers where you’ll find many professional and experienced medical persons, therapists, and counselors to aid in alcohol addiction recovery. This place offers a Residential Treatment Program, Partial Hospitalization Program, and Intensive Outpatient Program. The facility ensures a safe, structured, and friendly environment that aids in healing faster. The staffs are helpful and friendly in terms of manner and behavior.

This place believes in personalizing the treatment process designed by researching and analyzing the reasons behind the addiction of a person. As a result, they offer an effective and fast solution to recover from alcohol addiction. It is an ideal place in Texas for different types of addiction recovery.

Into Action Recovery Center is dedicated to building a community that supports a healthy way of life. Clients can join the community after the program is over to continue carrying a positive lifestyle. Thus, they help the clients even after the program is finished and the client is back at home.

There are a lot of factors that have made this facility one of the best alcohol rehab centers in Texas. If you need their assistance, you can call at 844-303-3969 or email them at info@intoactionrecovery.com anytime. Visit their website to know more about them- https://www.intoactionrecovery.com

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Massachusetts

Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

Northeast Addictions Treatment Center is a place that is dedicated to healing the clients from the core so that the addiction and the reason behind it can’t come back again. For that, they emphasize personalized treatment procedures designed for individual needs. They aim to help people get rid of addiction and come back to a sober life through an effective process.

This rehab center has different types of treatment levels including three common practices- Partial Hospitalization Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, and Outpatient Program. They use a number of modern and proven therapies for clients that make the recovery process fruitful.

Northeast Addictions Treatment Center ensures the highest quality of care and service with its awesome team. Everyone in the team is trained and experienced in working with different types of addiction recovery patients. Their dedication, experience, and proven result have made this place one of the top-tier addiction treatment centers in Massachusetts.

From all aspects of addiction recovery service, Northeast Addictions Treatment Center is efficient. It has been ensuring quality recovery for a long time. So, you can put your trust in them. Call them anytime at (888) 344-0156. Visit their website to know more about them- https://neaddictions.com

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in California

The Hills Treatment Center

In California, The Hills Treatment Center is one of the most successful addiction rehab centers. This recovery center aims at the story behind the addiction so that they can heal effectively. As the reason is not the same, the treatment is also not the same. Also, they focus on a step-by-step approach to healing physically and mentally. This ensures a longer and more effective impact of the treatment.

This is a place where people from all demographics can receive addiction recovery treatment. The treatment team of this place is focused on ensuring a treatment process that includes care, friendliness, and empathy along with the therapies. That’s what has made them one of the best places for treating alcohol addiction in California.

The Hills Treatment Center is located at an eye-soothing and comfortable location with all elements of safety and luxury. Private bedrooms and bathrooms, refreshing pools, scopes of recreation, and a lot of other amenities have made this place one of the most perfect places to recover from alcohol addiction.

This place offers a number of addiction recovery programs. To know about those, you can call anytime at 844-915-0287. Also, you can go through their website to know more about them- https://thehillscenter.com

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Illinois

Northern Illinois Recovery Center

Northern Illinois Recovery Center

Northern Illinois Recovery Center offers an affordable and successful comeback from alcohol and other addictions. They have a comfortable, safe, and calm facility where they treat the clients to recover from addiction. The safe and calm environment allows the clients to get the benefits of the recovery process fast.

The rehab center maintains a sufficient client-to-staff ratio, where each of the staff is highly qualified, trained, and experienced. They are ready to offer valuable and effective company to clients at every phase of the recovery process. They work hard and sincerely to ensure a friendly and supportive atmosphere that helps the clients to leave the darkness of addiction quickly.

This place has a wide range of treatment programs including Outpatient programs, Intensive Outpatient, and Partial Hospitalization. They follow a number of therapies depending on the reasons for addiction, current situation, and level of addiction. No matter which therapy the client takes, or which program he/she is admitted to, the therapists work carefully and intensely to build a physical, mental and psychological barrier against addiction.

Northern Illinois Recovery Center is a recovery center that has made recovery for alcohol addiction easier and more affordable. To know more, check their website- https://www.northernillinoisrecovery.com/. Or you can straight contact them through the phone no- 855.234.5672

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in New England

The New England Recovery Center

The New England Recovery Center is one of the residential alcohol rehab centers in New England mostly known because of its holistic approach to removing the addiction. To bring the clients back to a sober life, they focus on physical and mental health besides the comprehensive addiction support program.

Like many other addiction recovery centers, they also believe that there is no solution that fits all. That’s why they focus on the reasons behind the addiction and use the strength of the individual to bring them back to a sober life. They include a lot of proven addiction recovery tools in the process according to the client’s need to ensure long-term recovery.

The New England Recovery Center runs its inpatient alcohol addiction treatment in a beautiful and picturesque campus in Westborough. Being a campus full of necessary amenities and a friendly environment, this place aids in healing. Also, the staffs here are always ready to help the clients by staying with them throughout their journey to a sober life.

Overall speaking, this rehab center is one of the bests in New England for many reasons. To find out more, you can check their website- https://www.newenglandrecoverycenter.org/. To directly contact them, call 1-877-697-3422 or leave a mail at info@newenglandrecoverycenter.org.

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in NJ

BlueCrest Recovery Center

BlueCrest Recovery Center

BlueCrest Recovery Center is a place where people believe that recovery is a process that should include the family of the addicted. That’s why their recovery process includes improving the lives of the families too. They focus on healing the body, mind, and spirit at the same time to ensure long-term recovery from alcohol addiction.

They follow the 12-step recovery process designed for individual clients because no process is fully appropriate for everyone. The process includes a lot of treatment modalities including individual and group sessions for better and faster recovery. Also, dual diagnosis treatment makes the process more effective.

The team of BlueCrest Recovery Center includes some of the most experienced and perfect people in this field. All the team members are licensed, experts, and experienced in their own tasks. They work together here intending to treat addiction from the core so that the clients go back home with a long-term sustainable result. Their friendly and empathic approach helps the clients to become stronger to fight addiction.

BlueCrest Recovery Center maintains a decent client-to-counselor ratio to ensure great service quality. To know more about them, pay a visit to their website- https://www.bluecrestrc.com/. You can directly contact them by phone. For that, call (973) 832-1722.

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers Arizona

Stonewall Institute Alcohol & Drug Rehab Arizona

Stonewall Institute Alcohol & Drug Rehab situated in Arizona ensures an outstanding result with a lot of positive feedback from the clients and their families. This place mainly provides outpatient alcohol treatment services with intense care and an efficient recovery process. Among all the sober living centers in this area, this is undoubtedly one of the bests.

There are reasons too. Stonewall Institute Alcohol & Drug Rehab’s treatment setting is thoughtfully designed and built to support their addiction recovery process. The facility has a setup for all types of therapies they use in the treatment process, including individual and group therapy. They bring out the underlying reasons behind addiction and make the clients understand those. Thus they make the clients aware of addiction so that they don’t get addicted again.

Stonewall Institute is a place where the clients get the first priority always. They maintain a sober staff-to-client ratio to ensure better treatment. The staffs are non-judging and empathetic towards the clients which aid them to be more open in front of them. This ensures long-term recovery. The staffs are well trained, experienced, and well known in how to handle such cases.

If you’re looking for an alcohol recovery center in Arizona, Stonewall Institute is the place you should go for. To know more, follow their website- https://www.stonewallinstitute.com/. Or you can call them directly at 602-560-7366.

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Canada

Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto is another place where people develop a personalized treatment program based on individual clients. They have a wide range of therapies and facilities from which they pick up and design treatment processes according to the need of the person. Also, they ensure family engagement in the treatment process to make it even faster and more efficient. Besides, they have an aftercare extension through which they provide a free extension of the program.

The team of Addiction Rehab Toronto is focused on ensuring the best and highest standard of addiction recovery service. They follow a compassionate, safe, and holistic approach to healing the addiction for safer and long-term recovery. They are skilled, trained, and experienced in this field, and dedicated to ensuring the maximum rate of successful recovery.

The residential facility of Addiction Rehab Toronto is situated in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. This place has 5-star living amenities including- accommodations, entertainment areas, private suites, sports courts, a movie theatre, a yoga center, and so on. The whole environment leads the clients to the path of mental peace that helps in healing the addiction.

Call 1-855-787-2424 if you think that they can help you with treating the alcohol addiction of you or your loved ones. Also, you can check their website to know about them in detail- https://addictionrehabtoronto.ca

Best Alcohol Rehab Centers in Ontario

Centers for Health and Healing

Centers for Health and Healing

The Centres for Health and Healing is a renowned addiction recovery center situated in Ontario. This is a premium recovery center with several facilities that aid in faster recovery. They focus on providing a healthy lifestyle that promotes both the physical and mental health of the clients.

Instead of following traditional approaches, this place focuses on individual patients. They believe in more personalized treatment than common approaches. For that, they talk to the clients closely, understand the underlying reasons behind the addiction and then personalize the treatment process for overall improvement. The treatment process includes a lot of therapies including one-on-one therapy, small group therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, etc.

The indoor facility of Centres for Health and Healing includes a Georgian-style house, traditional features, and a lot of natural light. It provides an at-home ambiance that makes the clients comfortable. The outdoor space comes with around 110 acres of green fields, woodlands, lakes, and so on. The place is refreshing, eye-soothing, and calm which promotes mental and physical health.

With all the facilities, The Centres for Health and Healing is one of the best luxury alcohol rehab centers. If you think that this place can help you or your loved ones to recover from alcohol addiction, call anytime at +1.888.707.2344. Visit their website to know more about them- https://cfhh.ca

Final Verdict

We hope, among these, you’ll find the best alcohol rehab centers for you or your loved one. The rehabs we’ve talked about here are undoubtedly some of the bests around the USA and Canada. So, talk to them, see if they have the ability to recover, and then admit your patients. Wish you or your loved one the very best of luck.

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