Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions which are written in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ portion of this website talk about the regulations depending on which any dispute between you and the website will be solved. So, reading the ‘Terms of Use’ is important for you if you browse and are involved in any interaction with the website.

Here, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘company’, ‘this website’ and similar terminologies will represent this website (bestrehabcentres.com). On the other hand, ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘customer’, ‘visitor’, ‘reader’, and similar terminologies represent the visitors of the website.

General Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of using the website can be changed, deleted, or modified anytime by us. We have the authority to do this as a response to any type of situation or change. So, you should check this ‘Terms and Conditions’ page on a regular basis. 

If you browse our site, it will automatically show that you accept our ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’. 

This site is not for kids under 13 years old. So, if you’re under 13, you should stop browsing our site or make sure that your parents are aware of it.

We have full control and right over the contents of this site. We reserve the right to modify, delete or add information to the contents of the site anytime. 

The use of this site is also dependable on local law. So, from where you’re browsing, you should know the law and regulations of browsing such websites.

Medical Advice Disclaimer

The contents of this site are only for providing common information. Anything you’ll find on this website can’t be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis, advice, or treatment. Everything here is just for a basic understanding of things. 

So, don’t fully depend on this website for any medication, treatment, or advice. Go get professional advice. And, if there is any medical emergency, see a doctor as soon as possible. 

If any problem occurs because of your actions depending on only the contents of this website, we are not liable for this. So, to avoid any kind of problem, seek professional and expert help.

As a part of our service, we have to suggest and provide huge information about medications, institutions, and doctors. We don’t have direct contact or endorsement with those or them. We recommend based on the information of their website, client reviews, and information available on different websites. So, we recommend you check before you go to them or take those medications. Any communication with them should be done at your own risk. We don’t take responsibility for any communication between you and them.

Your Access to Our Intellectual Property

Everything you’ll see on this site, including but not limited to written contents, photographs, designs, illustrations, artworks, videos, music, sounds, software, logos, trademarks, etc., are the intellectual property of us or parties directly or indirectly connected to us. You have the right to see, go through, or use for personal or non-commercial works only. 

You can’t modify, reintroduce, reproduce, sell, publish, distribute or broadcast the materials without any written permission from us. Everything on this site is protected by trademark, copyright, and related regulations. If you do such a thing, we’ll take the necessary steps according to the trademark, copyright, and other related laws.

Contents of Our Site

The contents of our site are written by multiple independent contributors. We try to keep things right. However, we don’t guarantee that the contributors of this site have achieved any certain level of knowledge or expertise or completed any academic curriculum related to the information they’re providing. We are dependent on them for the contents of the site. Whenever we call them experts, we do this depending on the information they’ve provided to us, not checking any certifications or references, as there are many more ways of gathering the expertise of speaking the basics of something.

So, we recommend you not to rely on the contents of the site without checking those, especially when it is a medical emergency. By browsing our site, you agree and acknowledge that any action, communication, or agreement is done only at your own risk. 

Also, we deliver the information for basic knowledge. So, we won’t be liable if there is any misunderstanding or misjudging about the contents of our site.

Prohibited Uses of this Site

Using this site means you’re being agreed to the terms and conditions on this site and also the law and regulation of your area. Thus, you should agree that you’re not using this site for the below things-

  1. Violating the related federal, local, state, or international law and regulation regarding using such types of sites.
  2. For harming, abusing, manipulating, or trying to harm, abuse, or manipulate minors in any way.
  3. Attempting to do any kind of harmful or non-harmful work by introducing yourself as someone from BestRehabCentres when you’re not.
  4. Engaging in any type of action that may interrupt others from using the site counted as harmful or threats that should be prohibited.
  5. Introducing any technologically harmful products or materials that are illegal and harmful for us and the visitors of this site.
  6. Attempting to do anything that is counted as harmful by us, our terms and conditions as well as the local law and regulations.

Third Party Contents and Advertisements

We don’t have any control over the third party websites we link in our articles or the advertisements. Any communication or connection between you and the websites is measured under the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ of those particular sites. Also, we don’t take any responsibility for the contents of those websites. 

If you purchase any product or service from those websites, you should check the quality, pricing, and other issues on your own. If any communication, connection with, or purchase from those websites causes any harm or problem, we or any of our associates are not responsible for that. The issue or dispute should be settled as per the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of that particular website.

Contents that You Provide 

Here on this website, we allow the users or visitors to upload content through different interactive features. The interactive features or services are blog comment, forum, bulletin board, personal profile, and so on (not limited). We may introduce new interactive features or interrupt one with prior notice for any reason or as a response to any situation. 

You can upload content like comments, pictures, or any other materials while using those interactive features. 

While uploading content on such interactive features that are open to the public and other visitors or a portion of the visitors have access, you should be careful about your personal information. Uploading your information in such ways is totally your liability. The information can be shown on search engines, collected by other visitors, or used in something that is not under our control. We don’t take responsibility for the information that you publish through such interactive features because most of those are open to the visitors or a portion of visitors.

Your contribution through those features is non-confidential. By uploading information through the interactive features, you allow us and our direct and indirect associates to use that information for any purpose. So, don’t share any private information through the interactive features.

Also, we don’t take any responsibility for your uploaded information through the interactive features. Only you’re the responsible person for the accuracy, reliability, relevancy, legality, and appropriateness. If any third party questions the information you provide, only you’re the one who answers the question. Similarly, you can’t accuse us of any type of illegality, inaccuracy, irrelevancy, or inappropriateness of information uploaded by other visitors of this website. 

However, we have the right to monitor, check, refuse or remove any type of content you upload through such interactive platforms. We can-

  • Refuse you to upload any content or remove any content that you’ve already uploaded through interactive platforms. For this, we might have or don’t have any explanation to provide, and we are not bound to provide an explanation.
  • Take necessary action if you find it necessary. The reason can be any. If we think that the content is inappropriate, harmful for the safety of our visitors, uploaded to harm the website, violating our Terms and Conditions, copyrighted by someone else, creating an issue or liability for the company, or any other issue, we may take necessary legal action if you don’t or can’t provide a satisfactory answer.
  • Reveal your identity to any third party if they claim that your content has violated their intellectual property right or privacy right. We do it because we don’t want to be a part of the problems that’ll arise later. Obviously, we’ll check the authenticity of their claim before disclosing your information and identity. If the claim is wrong, we won’t reveal your identity. 
  • Take legal action if we think that you’re using those interactive features for any inappropriate, illegal, or harmful activities. 
  • Disclose your identity to the law enforcement authorities if there is any claim that you’re doing something illegal taking the benefits of those interactive features. 
  • Suspend or dismiss your access to the whole or a part of the website if we see the necessity. The reasons might be violating Terms and Conditions, misusing your access or misleading the visitors, or any other. We might or might not disclose the reason to you if we do such a thing. 

We don’t have enough scope to review everything that the visitors upload. So, we don’t take any responsibility for the content uploaded by them. For that, we need your help. If you find anything that is harmful to the visitors or misleading people with wrong information or might be problematic in any other way, don’t be late to contact us. We’ll solve the issue as soon as possible, including taking necessary action against them. 

Except these, there are some contents that you provide only to us by filling up a form, subscribing to the newsletters, or in some other ways. We take responsibility for that information to some extent. To check what we do, how we manage, and what are our liabilities regarding those contents, you should see our ‘Privacy Policy’ page. But before going to that, let’s finish reading the ‘Terms and Conditions’.

Standards of the Uploaded Contents

To keep everything clean, safe and sound for everyone, we have a content standard that must be followed when you upload content through interactive features. We don’t want to limit your opinion or scope to express. But the guideline is provided to make sure that none is utilizing the scope as a way of doing something harmful.

According to our content standard and guidelines, the content you upload must not- 

  1. Include any speech or anything harmful, hateful, offensive, obscene, impolite, insulting, harassing, violent, provocative, or objectionable.
  2. Support sexually explicit material or pornography.
  3. Promote discrimination based on age, sexual orientation, religion, race, nationality, disability, sex, or anything.
  4. Infringe any intellectual rights including trademark, copyright, trade secret, etc.
  5. Disrupt the legal rights of someone.
  6. Promote illegal activity or unlawful act.
  7. Misrepresent someone or your relation, affiliation, or connection with someone.
  8. Promote marketing and sales activities through hidden or open marketing strategies.
  9. Express or try to express that you’re connected to us or one among our team when you’re not.

These are the common guidelines that you should follow while uploading content. However, we have the right to refuse to upload or remove contents even if those follow the guidelines but we have any doubt about those.

If you face any issue, don’t get any part of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ or want to suggest something more to us, you can reach us through the ‘Contact Us’ page. Don’t forget to let us clear your confusion, know your suggestions and make the site more suitable for you. We hope you’ll benefit from the content we publish.

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