BestRehabCentres.com, addressed as ‘the website’ here, has been established to make people aware of addiction, addictive substances, psychological disorders, and the places where such addictions or disorders are treated. Particularly this website doesn’t belong to any rehab center, medical entity, or something like this. This is a project of a team that is working to raise awareness among the people.

No treatment center is associated with the website in the day-to-day operation. However, for information and some other issues, we may depend on treatment centers sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that those centers or the authority of those centers have an association with the website.

Advertisements and Our Stand

Here on this website, you’ll see paid advertisements for different treatment centers. We accept and host such paid advertisements as a stream of revenue that we need to manage the website and all expensed. However, the advertised treatment centers and our suggested treatment centers are shown differently so that you know which one is advertised and which one is suggested by our writers. 

The advertisements showed direct you to the advertisers. Here, we don’t have any control over when and how the advertisements will appear on the website. Some of the advertisements might be personalized, which means your visits to the website and elsewhere are recorded and advertisements are shown depending on your interest summed up from that information.

Also, the information provided by the advertisers is not in our control and separate from the information we provide in our articles. So, we don’t take any responsibility for the information that is provided in the advertisements. As the ads are totally independent, depending on those ads is totally your decision. You should check from trusted sources too before creating any connection or communication with the advertisers or any other third-party you’ll find on the website. 

The website contains many phone numbers of the websites we’ve listed. Any call to those numbers will directly go to the particular treatment center. Your communication through those numbers is done totally of your own will. We won’t take responsibility for those.

Similarly, any communication through the live chat session of the treatment centers is the liability of you and that particular treatment center. We don’t have any responsibility for those. Any issue regarding those should exclude BestRehabCentres.

We don’t receive any phone calls or conduct any chatbox. So, while communicating through those means, you’re aware that the other side is not a part of BestRehabCentres.

No Medical Advice 

The website is not by any means providing medical advice for treating any issue. The people related to this website are not directly connected to medical services. The website is only for learning about addiction, disorder issues. The most we do is we suggest treatment centers. Checking the authenticity and credibility of those centers is totally upon you. We try our best to find you the best places, but still, we suggest you know before you go.

Any communication between you and us is not a doctor-patient relationship.

Thereby, we don’t guarantee that the information you’ll find through advertisements, live chat sessions, and phone calls or from anyone who is claiming to be a part of us (except replies from our email address) is correct, dependable, or accurate. Also, we don’t take any responsibility or liability for the information you receive from the above sources.

Information Submitted

The information you submit to our website is our liability to some extent. We don’t sell, share or provide that information to any third party except parties with direct relation with us. We use proper security to keep your information safe and secured. 

However, we don’t take any responsibility for the information you upload to the website through the interactive features of this website because those are open to the visitors of the site. To know more about this and everything about how we protect, use and manage your information, you should check the ‘Privacy Policy‘ page.

Information We Upload

We work hard to serve you the most updated information on the fields we’re working on, which are- addiction, drug, and psychological disorders.

However, we don’t have any intention to replace your healthcare provider. We’re here to support you to understand things easily and get ideas about the treatment centers. The information you’ll find on this website is not any type of medical advice. Don’t replace the advice of your healthcare provider with the information on this website. For any type of medical advice, you should consult with any medical personnel or healthcare provider.

Any communication with us through any means of communication is not a piece of medical advice. We don’t by any means create a doctor-patient relationship.

Blog Moderation Policy

Authority: The blog of this website is monitored by volunteers, not regularly but occasionally. So, we don’t ensure that we’ll be replying to the comments regularly. For any issue, you should go to the doctors or professionals. Replies to your comments by any internet user should not be taken as a treatment. 

Confidentiality: Your comments on our blog posts are not confidential. Anyone visiting those posts can read your comments. So, you’re requested to stay careful while posting a comment. You don’t have the authority to delete the comment later.

Complementarity: Information you’ll find in the blog posts is not supposed to replace the advice of a medical professional. So, don’t avoid your doctor’s advice to follow the information you’ll find in our blog posts.

Comments: We have the authority to delete the comments anytime for any reason. So, while commenting, make sure that you’re not providing wrong information or spreading hate. You’re the only person who is liable for the comments. Anytime any type of legal action can be taken against you if any of your comments are found suspicious.

Also, don’t post any comment that promotes any product or service. However, if you think that there is any issue or mistake in the article, you can suggest correction by posting the link of the relevant source in the comment.

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