11 Best Opiate Rehab Centers – Recover From Drug Addiction

Best Opiate Rehab Centers

For the last few decades, the USA has been seriously suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. A report from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) stated that more than 23 million residents in the USA are severely struggling with substance abuse and only 25% of these 23 million people receive addiction recovery treatment. But there are more than 15,000 registered treatment centers specialized in treating patients.

Addiction to opiates is also included in substance abuse. Opiates are controlled prescription substances that are used for treating mild to severe pain in the patient. These are also known as opioid painkillers. Opiate painkillers have intensely calming effects which caused extremely high rates of abuse which may later lead to addiction. In 2012, an estimated 260 million prescriptions were written that contained opioid painkillers in the US. Approximately 2 million among those 260 million people got addicted to opioids.

If you are searching on the internet for top-rated opiate rehab centers near you, this article is for you. We have listed some of the most famous and best opiate rehab centers in the US and given a brief description of their features, services, and amenities available. We have listed these rehab centers based on some essential criteria such as accreditations, treatment programs, levels of care, etc. Let’s have a look at the best opiate rehab centers in the USA according to us:

Asheville Recovery Center

Opiate Rehab Centers in North Carolina

Asheville Recovery Center

Asheville Recovery Center was established by highly experienced recovery community members who have been working to treat substance abusers for years. Through their journey of working in substance abuse treatment as well as behavioral health, they came up with a standard recovery model for addiction treatment. They treat with intimate and compassionate behavior to ensure a safe and friendly environment for the patients.

Asheville Recovery Center is one of the best opiate rehab centers that combine clinical supervision, a friendly atmosphere, and effective therapeutic methods to support the patients to recovery. Our treatment and recovery team are consisting of experienced specialists who have been working to develop a personalized treatment program for the individual patient. They focus on creating a supportive environment for the patients by combining individualized therapies, personal care time, and group activities.

Asheville Recovery Center in North Carolina ensures 24/7 medical care through onsite Nurse Practitioners. They are well trained for treating basic physical ailments and concurrent conditions. They emphasize individualized treatment programs for each patient for a speedy recovery. Their recovery program is a combination of traditional treatment methods with 12-step models. They try to make the patients as comfortable as possible throughout the phases of the whole recovery procedure.

Contact Number: 828-538-2367 Website: www.ashevillerecoverycenter.com

Opiate Rehab Centers in Ohio

Midwest Detox Center

Midwest Detox Center in Ohio is one of the best opiate centers in the US to provide inpatient treatment and detox facilities for substance abuse. Rather than presenting a hospital-like facility, they come up with a comfortable healing atmosphere so the patients can keep themselves away from stress during the recovery period. They support the patients to build a clean and addiction-free life for the future.

Staff working in Midwest Detox Center are highly trained and well-experienced. They have certified counselors, therapists, and other staff to support their patients. Each member is aware of his duty and takes adequate time to get to know the patients individually and develop a recovery program as required. They offer various therapeutic treatments and approaches for a customized recovery plan for each patient from the very beginning of the treatment. They offer services like expressive therapy, trauma-focused therapy, group and family therapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, co-occurring therapy, aftercare, etc.

Apart from the addiction recovery treatment, they also offer treatment for any mental issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. They support the patients for any co-occurring disorder that may have been caused because of the addiction.

Contact Number: 833-652-0271 Website: www.midwestdetoxcenter.com

Midwest Recovery Centers

Opiate Rehab Centers in Missouri

Midwest Recovery Centers

Midwest Recovery Centers in Missouri offer cost-effective yet quality recovery treatment for drug and alcohol abuse in the community of Kansas City. They have extended care programs, especially for substance abuse treatments focusing on alcohol and drug dependence. Their goal is to design and develop an effective facility to ensure the long-term recovery of patients from addiction.

Their treatment begins with the therapeutic model. Their certified clinical team finds out the root cause of the patient’s drug and alcohol dependence through different individual and group therapies. Therapies are only one part of their recovery package. They also offer a structured restful living program for the patients. They reside with multiple patients in the same stage of recovery to promote a sense of community and responsibility among the patients through a safe environment and adequate support.

Their recovery programs are mostly based on the primary principles of the 12-step recovery model. All the professionals working in Midwest Recovery Centers are respectful and compassionate towards the patients. They ensure the best support for each of the patients through individualized treatment programs. They provide the essential framework so that the patients can heal themselves from body, mind, and spirit.

Contact Number: 877-630-0539 Website: www.midwestrecoverycenters.com

Opiate Rehab Centers in California

Valley Recovery Center of California

Valley Recovery Center of California helps persons suffering from alcohol and drug abuse along with co-occurring mental issues such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD or depression, etc. They support all the patients through compassionate and evidence-based recovery treatment services. The staff working in Valley Recovery Center are dedicated to supporting the patients to experience the joy of a sober life. As soon as a patient enters for treatment, he will have to go through an initial evaluation for a customized treatment plan depending on the needs.

Valley Recovery Center helps the patients to learn about the root causes of their addiction, how to survive against their cravings to stay away from re-addiction, how to deal with the co-occurring mental health issues, and essential skills and techniques to lead a sober life. They have two options available for the clients for treatment e.g., Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). IOP is arranged with 3-5 times morning, afternoon, or evening sessions in a week while PHP is designed for 6 hours a day and 5-7 days a week.

Valley Recovery Center offers aftercare services including free alumni support and continuing care appointments. This after-care service ensures essential support for the patients to maintain sobriety for the rest of their life.

Contact Number: 888-985-3099 Website: www.valleyrecovery.com

Orlando Recovery Center

Opiate Rehab Centers in Florida

Orlando Recovery Center

Orlando Recovery Center is a Florida-based Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center to provides extensive substance abuse treatment services for adults. They also help patients with co-occurring mental health issues and eating disorders caused by drug and alcohol addiction. This is one of the best opiate rehab centers in the US that offers a full continuum of care services with residential treatment services, medical detoxification, and outpatient programs.

Orlando Recovery Center focuses on providing compassionate, individualized, and evidence-based addiction treatment programs for all patients with essential therapies and healing amenities. Their target is to ensure the lifelong sobriety of each patient. They have introduced the Weekly Recovery Compass program that helps the patients to identify the major setbacks by monitoring real-time symptoms such as anxiety, sleep time, depression, substance cravings, etc.

Staff and experts working in Orlando Recovery Center approach treating the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms at a time while figuring out the core causes of addiction of the patients. They successfully support their patients to recover from substance abuse through personalized treatment programs, treatment from professionals, aftercare programs, and healing amenities.

Contact Number: 855-909-4648 Website: www.orlandorecovery.com

Opiate Rehab Centers in Indiana

Evolve Indy – Indiana Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Evolve Indy Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center is a reliable addiction recovery community for people in Indiana. They offer compassionate, affordable, and evidence-based substance abuse treatment so that the patients can reconnect with themselves as well as the community. They provide Partial Hospitalization Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, Outpatient Program as well as Family Therapy and Program. They have introduced efficient therapies with expert care including relapse prevention education, individual, family, and group therapies, workshops, dual-diagnosis treatments, socialization and life skills, a 12-step recovery model, etc.

Evolve Indy is one of the best opiate rehab centers with lots of reviews from patients who have received treatment from there throughout their long-term recovery journey for substance abuse. Professionals working there focus on individualized treatment plans with the best possible care so that each patient can enjoy a sober life. They have combined modern, traditional and holistic therapies to design and develop their personalized treatment programs. Experts, staff, and therapists working in Evolve Indy dedicate themselves to supporting the patients throughout the stages of recovery.

They offer housing facilities for both male and female patients. This housing facility includes luxurious homes, 24/7 supervision, and care, modern amenities for comfortable living, 24/7 access to medical care, etc.

Contact Number: 855-495-1063 Website: www.evolveindy.com

Spring Hill Recovery Center

Opiate Rehab Centers in Massachusetts

Spring Hill Recovery Center – Massachusetts

Spring Hill Recovery Center is one of the best opiate rehab centers in the US that offers combined holistic and clinical services to nurture the patients for a lifelong substance abuse recovery. It is an open campus with a safe and comfortable environment for its patients. The facility is encompassed by 70 acres of quiet woodland. They offer personalized recovery programs that are tailored for individual patients. They approach to find out the root causes of addiction in each patient.

Spring Hill Recovery Center comes with eight cottages and builds which are capable of accommodating more than 30 patients at a time. All the patients residing for residential treatments will have access to clinical care and treatment services as well as recreational activities for a sound mind and healthy body.

Spring Hill Recovery Center works with almost all the major insurance carriers to ensure an effective recovery treatment for the patients without thinking about their financial condition. They offer different types of care depending on the needs of the patients including Medical Detoxification, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Residential Treatment, and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). They also offer alumni support and family treatment to keep the patients on the right track throughout the recovery journey.

Contact Us: 888-483-0795 Website: www.springhillrecovery.com

Opiate Rehab Centers in Tennessee

JourneyPure – Tennessee Alcohol & Drug Rehab

JourneyPure is a premium-level alcohol and drug rehab center in Tennessee. They ensure an effective solution for the addiction epidemic through a feasible treatment model, top-class experiential therapies, and an expert recovery team dedicated to the patients. This facility is accredited by The Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

JourneyPure focuses on helping patients to get healthy, stay healthy, and experience the joy of sobriety. To achieve their goal, they provide evidence-based therapies for the patients to treat alcohol and drug addiction as well as any co-occurring mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or trauma, etc. During the treatment process, they try to find out the underlying causes of addiction of the patients and tailor a personalized treatment plan for individual patients according to their needs.

This one of the best opiate rehab centers in the US comes with a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere in 127 acres of land area. They have a 70-bed facility for residential treatment which comes with all the luxurious living amenities in peaceful nature. Apart from the residential treatment, they also offer online addiction treatment, medical detoxification, partial hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and alumni program, etc.

Contact Number: 615-900-2444 Website: www.journeypureriver.com

Opiate Rehab Centers in Arizona

Scottsdale Detox Center of Arizona

Scottsdale Detox Center is a drug and alcohol abuse treatment center that comes with certified and well-trained doctors, experts, and nurses. All the persons working here have comprehensive experience in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. They treat the patients with compassion and dignity throughout the whole recovery process. They support to recover both mentally and physically as they care about their patients.

Scottsdale Detox Center provides individualized and effective care focusing on the lifelong sobriety of the patients. They work as the first stage of the addiction recovery process as a medical detoxification facility. The safety of the patients is their number one priority. So, they help the patients with discharge plans to ensure a successful and long-lasting sober life.

They design and develop personalized addiction treatment plans for each patient and are ready to manage any co-existing medical conditions due to drug and alcohol addiction. They monitor their patients 24/7 and arrange daily meetings with a physician. Also, they offer individual as well as group counseling sessions for the patients.

Scottsdale is a licensed medical detoxification center dedicated to guiding patients to recover through a safe and comfortable environment. Their certified, highly experienced, and well-trained medical team can ensure the most comfortable as well as safest detoxification.

Contact Number: 480-646-7660 Website: www.scottsdaleazdetox.com

Opiate Rehab Centers Colorado

Red Rock Recovery Center

Red Rock Recovery Center is a well-known addiction treatment facility for individuals suffering from substance abuse. This nationally accredited treatment center specializes in a community-based approach to treating patients. They use a combined modern holistic approach with evidence-based treatments. They ensure the best possible environments and care for their patients for a speedy recovery.

The experts, clinicians, and staff working in this one of the best opiate treatment centers treat the patients with clinical, therapeutic, and experiential services to ensure the most efficient treatment facility for the patients. Apart from substance abuse treatment, the Red Rock Recovery Center offers problem-solving skills, relapse prevention, family counseling, life skills development, positive lifestyle changes, employment assistance, peer accountability, etc. for the sustainable success of the patients.

For an improved lifestyle for the patients, Red Rock Recovery Center provides effective recovery programs. They support the patients to begin an entirely new stage of life with the joy of sobriety.

Contact Number: 855-218-7588 Website: www.redrockrecoverycenter.com

Fresh Start Recovery

Opiate Rehab Centers in Maryland

Fresh Start Recovery

Fresh Start Recovery offers different outpatient in order to treat persons addicted to drugs and alcohol. They also treat co-existing mental health disorders which may be caused due to excessive use of drugs and alcohol. Their expert and certified counselors and therapists provide patient-centric treatment plans with family support and an extensive aftercare program. Each treatment program is designed following the condition of the individual patient.

Fresh Start Recovery offers multiple treatment programs for patients with different requirements. These treatment programs include Men and Women Rehab Centers, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Outpatient Treatment Program, Partial Hospitalization Program, Community Housing, Alumni Program, Substance Abuse Treatment Programs, Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Programs, Co-Existing Mental Health Treatment Programs, etc.

Their facility is designed to ensure high-quality treatment and support for the patients. They treat the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. Their personalized treatment plans are combined with different therapies including individual, family, and group therapy, dual diagnosis, activity therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Contact Number: 833-647-0605 Website: www.freshstartrecoverycenter.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to understand if I need outpatient or in-patient treatment?

– All addiction treatments generally start with an initial clinical assessment. From the initial assessment, an on-site clinical team will help you to determine whether you need outpatient or in-patient treatment. They will also tailor a personalized treatment program based on the initial assessment. So, you don’t need to worry about determining the types of treatment you need as the on-site admission counselors will help you with that.

How to find the best opiate rehab centers near me?

– We have listed some of the best opiate rehab centers in the US based on different locations. This list is based on the available facilities, treatment programs, and amenities for the patients that the rehab centers provide. We have also attached the website link and contact number of the rehab centers so that you can learn more about those rehabs and find the best opiate rehab centers near you. We have picked the rehabs that are considered to ensure the best service.

Is there any after-treatment support available?

Most of the treatment centers offer after-treatment support through different activities such as alumni programs and many more. If there isn’t any aftercare available in the rehab center you are currently receiving your treatments, they can help you by suggesting or referring you to any aftercare support near you.

Which accreditations are important for choosing a rehab center?

There is two leading accreditation for substance abuse treatment centers. One is from the  Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the other is from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Also, these treatment centers may get certified by the state health department for outstanding service to the patients.

Final Verdict

Rehab centers are very much important for drug, alcohol, and substance abusers. A rehab center can help you experience the joy of sobriety. They also support the patients to learn skills and techniques to avoid relapse of addiction. We have introduced some of the best opiate rehab centers in the US above with a brief description of the features and amenities. Check out the list above if you are searching for opiate rehab centers near me on the internet.

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