Top 7 Best Rehab for Men – Most Successful Recovery Centers

Best Rehab for Men

A Rehab center is a place for people to recover from any addiction as well as physical and mental health issues. There are different types of rehab centers for men all over the USA based on various requirements and conditions. If you are struggling with any substance addiction or facing any physical or mental health issues that may need effective therapies from experts to recover, this article is for you.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best rehabs for men in the USA for both substance abuse treatment and physical and mental health disorder treatments. We have chosen the rehab centers based on available treatment programs and facilities, accreditation, and reviews from previous clients.

Shoulder Rehab Exercises for Men

Oasis Recovery Center

Oasis Recovery Center

Oasis Recovery Center is a comprehensive treatment facility for patients in North Carolina to treat patients from addiction and co-occurring physical and mental issues. They offer a friendly, comfortable, and compassionate atmosphere for their patients to ensure an effective recovery. To support the patients in recovery, they provide multiple experiential therapies and holistic healing modalities. There is a well-trained and highly-experienced support team to guide the patients through a feasible recovery process.

All the patients need to go through a thorough assessment which is used to develop a specialized treatment plan for the patients. Oasis Recovery Center staff members aim to support the patients with extensive treatment therapies and programs through each stage of the whole recovery procedure. They offer both outpatient treatment facilities and extended after-care support programs for their patients. They offer individualized and gender-specified inpatient treatment facilities in separate places for both women and men.

The patients enrolled for treatment in this one of the best rehab for men can participate in acupuncture, yoga, qi gong, breathwork, and yoga as additional healing modalities. The facility offers 12 steps recovery programs, dual diagnosis, trauma treatment, and family counseling. Psychotherapy, adventure therapy, equine therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, and art therapy are some of the most used therapies for their patients.

Contact Number: 828-330-9497 Website: www.or-nc.com

Christian Rehab Centers for Men

Christian Recovery Centers Inc

Christian Recovery Centers Inc.

Christian Recovery Centers Inc. (CRCI) is a non-profitable and faith-based recovery facility to support persons struggling with substance abuse. They offer an outstretched recovery program consisting of directed activities as well as supplemental education. This treatment program helps the patients to learn new techniques and skills to avoid drug and alcohol cravings and stay away from addiction. This drug rehab for men in North Carolina has an inpatient recovery program for the patients. The residents can learn the spiritual principles of fostering sobriety by following the 12-steps recovery treatment.

CRCI offers a cost-free recovery treatment service for their patients. They develop all their treatment programs to support the patients with multifaceted and extensive treatment therapies. The facility ensures all the essential requirements and daily needs of its residents. Their goal is to let the patients use CRCI as a turning point in their life towards sobriety.

CRCI has a separate inpatient recovery treatment facility for both men and women. The men’s recovery center is located at Brunswick in North Carolina. It is a 16-week recovery program consisting of 3 stages. The recovery program incorporates faith-based recovery theory with a 12-steps recovery process.

Contact Number: 910-287-4357 Email: office@crcirecovery.org Website: www.crcirecovery.org

Black Mountain Rehab for Men 

Phoenix Physical Therapy

Phoenix Physical Therapy is a dedicated platform to support the communities with local outpatient clinics in more than 70 locations all over the USA. They provide the patients with occupational therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy services, and athletic training in a friendly environment for over 20 years. Their experienced and trained clinicians are committed to delivering a great patient care experience throughout the whole therapy procedure.

Phoenix Physical Therapy in Black Mountain offers personalized one-on-one treatment therapies by compassionate and skilled clinicians. They interact with the individual patient and tailor an effective and specialized treatment plan for each individual. Phoenix staff members are committed to delivering the highest standard of care in a professional healthcare environment.

The offered therapies and cares in Phoenix are physical therapy, hand physical therapy, KINESIO taping method, myofascial release therapy, orthopedic physical therapy, spinal rehabilitation, vestibular physical therapy, dry needling technique, IASTM, MCKENZIE method of mechanical diagnosis therapy, neurorehabilitation, PHX fit, direct access physical therapy, athletic training, sports physical therapy, and sports injury prevention.

Contact Number: 828-669-6896 Email: blackmountain@phoenixrehab.com Website: www.phoenixphysicaltherapy.com

Alcohol Rehab Facility for Men

Red Oak Recovery

Red Oak Recovery

Red Oak Recovery is an alcohol rehab for men with an inpatient treatment facility. They aim to inspire self-exploration and transformation of the patients towards a sober life in a friendly, compassionate environment. It offers gender-specified recovery programs in separate spaces for both men and women. The patients can experience personalized treatment programs according to the challenges they are facing and their needs and abuse history. The facility also supports the patients to take care of co-occurring mental and physical issues. They treat the patients following evidence-based treatment practices and a 12-step recovery program.

Through extensive research and years of experience, the Red Oak Recovery is a top-class alcohol rehab for men to develop highly effective treatment plans. Their treatment programs let the patients experience the joy of sobriety by ensuring a lifelong recovery. Their treatment programs are consisting of experiential and proven addiction therapies, 12-steps addiction recovery, family counseling, and clinical rehabilitation.

Red Oak Residential Campus for men comes with a compassionate and comfortable environment for the patients. It offers both semi-private and private accommodations for its patients. Patients are welcome to participate in different fun and skill activities. The inpatient rehabilitation program in Red Oak Recovery lasts approximately 70-90 days. The patients can learn and practice new life skills for sobriety during this period. The staff members support the patients to build adequate confidence for beginning a new journey.

Contact Number: 866-457-7426 Email: admissions@redoakrecovery.com Website: www.redoakrecovery.com

Drug Rehab for Men Orange County

Renaissance Recovery

Renaissance Recovery is a drug rehab for men to provide a supportive and family-based atmosphere for the patients. The patients can learn and develop life skills as well as healthy habits for a sober life. It is a long-term and solution-based recovery center with the highest priority on patients’ recovery. They offer diversified addiction recovery programs for patients with essential support for long-term recovery. Available treatment programs in Renaissance Recovery are the Partial Hospitalization Treatment (PHP) Program, medication-assisted treatment program, addiction therapy services, mental health treatment, and experiential and adventure-based programs.

Renaissance Recovery provides a gender-based holistic approach to recovering patients through different therapeutic methods to support the body, mind, and spirit at a time. It offers personalized treatment programs depending on the needs of each individual. They start the treatment of the enrolled patients through a primary assessment to know about the addiction history and current condition of the patients. They try to find out the underlying reasons for a patient’s addiction and then develop a specialized treatment plan from there.

Their specialized treatment programs for men include treatment for alcohol, opiate, opioids, heroin, cocaine, prescription drug addiction, etc. They also support the patients for any co-occurring mental health issues by providing gender-specific treatment, individual and group therapy, anxiety treatment program, mental health IOP, dual diagnosis, and PTSD treatment programs.

Contact Number: 866-330-9449 Email: info@renaissancerecovery.com Website: www.renaissancerecovery.com

Florida Rehabs for Men

Southwest Florida Men’s Rehab

Southwest Florida Men’s Rehab is a recovery center to heal from alcohol and drug addiction. The facility offers effective treatment programs at an affordable cost. They work with the whole person to solve the underlying causes of a patient’s drug and alcohol addiction. They support the patients with adequate time, encouragement, facility, and training to keep them away from any addictive substance for a lifetime. It offers a complete solution towards sobriety for the patients.

The facility is a part of Adult and Teen Challenge with the highest success rate for long-term drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Patients can rebuild their lives with proper mentoring, guidance, and motivation in a welcoming environment. The experts in this one of the best rehab for men work on revealing the root causes of a patient’s substance abuse and treating them accordingly. Their recovery programs last for a year.

Southwest Florida Men’s Rehab focuses on building a foundation to support substance abusers for a lifetime to recover from addiction. They help the patients to recover spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, and educationally. They support the patients to learn essential skills and qualities to develop a strong relationships with family members and others.

Contact Number: 239-275-1974 Website: www.swfloridamensrehab.com

Rehabs for Men in Alabama

Bradford Health Services

Bradford Health Services – A Reprieve for Men 

Bradford Health is a drug rehab for young men with 40 years of experience serving thousands of patients with top-notch recovery programs. They are constantly improvising their services with the most effective care possible. They are committed to developing a personalized treatment program with the support of expert and experienced staff members.

This drug rehab for young men offers different recovery programs including inpatient and residential rehabilitation programs in a supportive environment, detoxification services under licensed medical experts, outpatient rehab programs with the maximum care and multiple schedules, extended care programs with intensive treatment for co-occurring mental issues, and online family programs.

Bradford Health Services is connected with almost all the major insurance companies. They are accredited by The Joint Commission. With the support of their different treatment programs, the patients can experience the joy of a sober life. They follow a 12-steps recovery philosophy to develop personalized treatment programs for the patients.

Contact Number: 888-762-3740 Website: www.bradfordhealth.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do rehab centers provide addiction treatment only?

– No, rehab centers can be for any physical or mental health issues too. There are many rehab centers to provide all the support to recover from addiction and other physical and mental health issues in one place.

Does drug rehab for young men accept insurance policies?

– Most drug rehab for young men accept major insurance policies. We suggest talking about insurance-related issues while contacting your preferred rehab facility.

Is there any rehab center dedicated to physical treatment only?

– Yes, you will find many rehab centers to provide physical therapies and care only. Phoenix Physical Therapy from our list is a dedicated physical treatment center with more than 70 treatment facilities located in different areas in the USA.

Final Verdict

It is proven that men of all ages are likely to get dependent on drugs and substances more than women. Recovery treatments can lead a person towards a sober life by discarding addiction. We have talked about some of the best rehabs for men in the USA with effective treatment programs and a compassionate environment above. All these facilities come with well-trained, certified, and highly experienced staff members to support the patients. If you are dealing with any addiction or physical and mental health issues, chose any of these rehab centers to experience the highest standard of care towards complete recovery.

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