17 Best Drug Rehab Centers – Recovery From Drug Addiction

Best Drug Rehab Centers

Let’s don’t go to statistics because statistics are not important when your loved one is addicted to drugs. The only thing that matters is a successful recovery from addiction. Drug addiction is not only harmful to the person but also to the whole family. And in maximum cases, drug addiction is harmful to the community too in various ways.

When the situation is like this, do statistics matter? Absolutely not. You need to check local drug rehab centers and find out the best drug addiction rehab centers in terms of service.

That’s why I’m here, with a number of the best drug rehab centers in America located at different places so that you can find one near to you. So, if you’re tired of searching – ‘The best drug rehab centers near me’, just stop and check my suggestions. I’m sure that you’ll find something that can help you with the addiction issue of you or your loved one.

Clean Recovery Centers

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Florida

Clean Recovery Centers

Clean Recovery Centers is one of those drug recovery centers which have designed their plans for long-term effectiveness. Their main goal is to recover the patient from the underlying causes so that the addiction can’t come back. For that, they focus on evidence-based practices, not bookish ones.

Clean Recovery Centers recover patients addicted to different types of drugs including analgesics, depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens. They have designed a Three-Phase Approach to removing the addiction from the root. Preparation, Action, and Maintenance- these three phases and the steps inside these phases make the approach successful for most clients.

To ensure quick and stable recovery, they have a beautiful detox center situated on the beautiful East Coast of Florida. The natural landscape, supportive staffs, and effective treatment make the recovery process faster and more efficient. So, no matter which stage of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) the patient is in, they have an effective solution and psychiatric care system.

Besides Drug recovery programs, they offer some wellness programs like Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Yoga, Breathing exercise, and so on. To contact, call at- 1 (888) 330-2532 or send an e-mail to info@cleanrecoverycenters.com. You can visit their site- www.cleanrecoverycenters.com

Best Drug Rehab Centers in the South

Southeast Addiction Center

To aid addicted people in their journey to a healthy lifestyle and recovery from addiction, Southeast Addiction Center is formed. It ensures personalized treatment depending on the patient’s addiction level, mental condition, and many more things. Besides designing the treatment procedure, the treatments are implemented by skilled and trained therapists and staff there.

Southeast Addiction Center treats a wide range of addictions including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and so on. No matter what the addiction is, the personalized treatment procedure here can help people to get out of it. Self-discovery and self-improvement are the base part of the treatment procedure. So, the patients understand the things from their hearts and get recovered faster.

The team consists of enthusiastic and hard-working individuals focusing on effective recovery. They have three addiction treatment options- Partial Hospitalization Program, Outpatient Program, and Intensive Outpatient Program. No matter what program you choose or what they offer depending on the condition of the patient, you’ll get the support at an affordable amount of bucks.

They are located in two different locations- Nashville, Tennessee, and Norcross, Georgia. To contact, use the phone numbers or e-mails below-


  • Phone- (615)-813-6838
  • E-mail- info@southeastaddiction.com


The Carter Treatment Center

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Georgia

The Carter Treatment Center

To get people out of the damage drugs have done to them, the Carter Treatment Center is a dependable name. This drug rehab center deals with a lot of different types of drug addictions. So, no matter what type of drug addiction it is, if you live in Georgia, you can take help from them.

They focus on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the patients. That’s why the recovery becomes faster and more efficient. Also, the multiple-angle recovery process is durable and the patient has very little chance of getting back to the addiction.

Besides, Outpatient Treatment, Carter Treatment Center has a Partial Hospitalization Program where the patient can stay at the rehab center all day long on the weekdays and go home in the evening and on weekends. The PHP program offers a lot of treatment tools including- Stress Management, Emotion Navigation, Coping skills, Recovery 101, Self-care in Recovery, and so on.

The team is full of people who want to stay with the patients through their journey to recovery. Carter Treatment Center is located in two different locations- Cumming and Suwannee. Use the contact information below if you need them.

Suwannee- Phone- 678-498-6313

Cumming- Phone- 678-737-4430 Or, you can visit their site- www.thecartertreatmentcenter.com

Best Drug Rehab Centers in the Northeast

Turning Point Recovery Center

This recovery center offers quick and efficient recovery from a lot of different kinds of drugs. This place is not just a recovery center, it is a place that connects the patients to the recovered community so that they can understand how it feels to get rid of addiction.

They have a three-phased recovery process which includes the steps- detox, addiction treatment, and aftercare. Throughout the whole process, they make a compassionate and holistic approach so that the patient person doesn’t feel like they are being treated. The treatment procedure includes self-realization of the client so that they become strong enough to avoid drugs later.

Though the process is commonly followed here, the plan is different for different clients, based on their mental and physical situation and level of addiction. The team has decades of experience. So, individually prepared plans are always fruitful here.

A wide number of patients Turning Point Recovery Center deals with have come here because they are suggested by the people who have cured their addiction here. If you want to talk with them, call 505-217-1717 anytime. To know more about them, visit- www.turningpointrc.com

Sunshine Coast Health Centre

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Canada

Sunshine Coast Health Centre

Sunshine Coast Health Centre is one of the most effective and refreshing drug rehab centers in Canada. Being situated in a scenic place and having a handful of features, it offers a scope of mental refreshment to the clients which are very helpful to get rid of the addiction.

This place has specialized and advanced care for the clients which helps them to recover fast. The non-12-step process includes a number of methods to gently recover the clients from the addiction. Narrative Therapy, CBT, Existential Psychotherapy, and Positive Psychology are some parts of the whole process. They work with different types of drug addictions.

The best thing about this health center is the staff. They are trained and experienced. They treat the clients as human beings, not an addict. This positive approach helps the clients a lot to recover faster. Besides therapy, they motivate the clients through their approach, behavior, and positivity.

This drug rehab center has more than 15 years of experience in recovering people from drugs and bringing them to their normal life. If you want them to help, call- 1.866.487.9050. Or you can visit their website- https://www.sunshinecoasthealthcentre.ca

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Massachusetts

Woburn Addiction Treatment

This place is known well for the intensive and individualized service they ensure for the clients. A decent client-to-staff ratio is maintained here so that there is no gap in the service. And the best thing is they have different types of recovery programs available from which you can pick one according to your need and comfort.

Woburn Addiction Treatment is a place that focuses on the 12-step evidence-based recovery program. Individual treatment, small group sessions, and different types of therapies including therapy dogs have made their recovery process one of the most suitable ones.

In this treatment center, besides the doctors and staff, the clients themselves are also a part of the recovery process. They take the clients through a procedure so that they become able to self-help themselves.

This treatment center is one of the bests I’ve gone through so far. They work with almost all types of addictions. If you think you need their help, call anytime at (781) 484-0195. Or you can visit their site- https://www.woburnaddictiontreatment.com

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Arizona

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center focuses on achieving long-term success from its recovery system. That’s why the system includes a lot of daily tasks that a person has to do every day. They try to build a strong recovery foundation that will be sustainable in the long run and will stop the person from being addicted again.

They have a number of different types of addiction recovery and lifestyle services that people need. The program can be short-term and long-term depending on the addiction and stage. Also, they have both residential and outpatient treatment facilities. Depending on the person, they suggest the right program.

This recovery center comes with fully dedicated facilities with enough staff for both outpatients and outpatients. The calming and charming environment is dedicated to taking the patients toward a happy and healthy life without drugs.

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center follows a comprehensive approach that leads the clients toward a happy and sober life. If you want to reach them, call at 602.346.9130 or e-mail at info@arizonaaddictioncenter.org. To know more, visit their site- https://arizonaaddictioncenter.org

Valley Recovery Center of California

Best Drug Rehab Centers in California

Valley Recovery Center of California

Valley Recovery Center of California is a drug rehab center that focuses on the person more than the addiction. They focus on improving the mental, physical and spiritual condition of the clients so that they can heal themselves slowly. No treatment is suitable for everyone and they know it. That’s why they make the client self-dependent to recover from the addiction.

Valley Recovery Center has facilities for inpatients, partial inpatients, and outpatients. While focusing on the mental, physical, and spiritual improvements of the inpatients, they also built the ability to cope with the real world where the clients have no help from the staff.

This builds control inside the clients. That’s why, after the treatment is done, maximum clients don’t go back to the addicted life because they can deal with life. This is an amazing way of treating addiction.

Valley Recovery Center treats all types of addictions with a mission of improving the client’s life. If you think that it can help you, contact them by phone- (888) 994-5152. You can also check their website for more about their programs- https://valleyrecovery.com

Best Drug Rehab Centers in CT

Connecticut Center for Recovery

Connecticut Center for Recovery is a place that uses the 12-step recovery process as the backbone of the treatment procedure. But as the reasons behind addiction are different for different clients, they focus on the issues that have forced the individual to get addicted to drugs and work on removing those issues and improving the condition.

This individually designed treatment system focuses on the core and reduces the addiction gradually. The best thing is, their recovery system is not only dependent on indoors but also they have so many outdoor programs designed for the clients. This makes the recovery process faster and more efficient.

Besides drug and alcohol rehab, their service includes mental health improvement, holistic rehab, and so on. No matter which service you pick, they have active and experienced staff to help you or your loved one to get rid of the addiction and go back to normal life.

Connecticut Center for Recovery includes a wide range of therapies and treatment components in their individual recovery programs. That’s why I like their service. To contact them, call at- (888) 387-5741. You can also visit their website to know more- https://connecticutrecovery.org

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Europe

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center is such a drug rehab center that uses Ibogaine as medicine to influence leaving the addiction. This is a very effective way to treat addiction because it restores brain functions and regulates serotonin levels.

Besides the use of Ibogaine, their recovery process included a number of personal and group sessions, 24/7 monitoring and care, expert medical services, and so on. As Ibogaine targets from both physical and psychological sides, the recovery process is highly effective and the effect stays longer. As a result, the chance of getting back to the addiction is very low.

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center is located at a premium place beside the ocean. The natural view and setup of the facility are amazing. The place is totally secured and surrounded by a gated and sober community. This place has everything for quality living. The facilities, along with well-mannered and supportive staff, give the clients an ‘at home’ feel. Thus, the improvement becomes faster.

This place has a world-class setup and amazing treatment procedures that you can expect. To know more about them, visit the website- https://www.experienceibogaine.com/. Or you can call anytime at 1-800-644-8482 or email at aeden@experienceibogaine.com

Northern Illinois Recovery Center

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Illinois

Northern Illinois Recovery Center

Northern Illinois Recovery Center offers an affordable and successful recovery from drug and other addictions. They have a comfortable, secure, and calm facility where the recovery process takes place. The safe and calm environment allows the clients to get the advantages of the recovery process fast.

This place has a wide range of treatment programs including Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient programs. They follow a number of therapies depending on the situation and level of addiction. No matter which therapy the client takes, or which program he/she is admitted in, the therapists work closely to build a physical, mental and psychological barrier against addiction.

The recovery center maintains a decent client-to-staff ratio, where all the staffs are highly qualified and experienced. They are ready to provide company to the clients at every step of the recovery process. They work hard and sincerely to ensure a friendly and supportive environment that helps the clients to come out of the darkness of addiction.

Northern Illinois Recovery Center is a place that has made recovery easier and more affordable. To know more, check the website- https://www.northernillinoisrecovery.com/. Or you can directly contact them through the phone no- 855.234.5672

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Indiana

Indiana Recovery Centers

Indiana Recovery Centers focuses on treating addiction with the help of proven techniques. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 12-step Integration, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, etc. are some of the ways they use to treat addiction. As addiction has resulted from a number of reasons, they focus on finding out the reasons and eradicating those. Thus, the result of their treatment lasts for a long time.

Besides just focusing on reducing the addiction, Indiana Recovery Center improves the quality of the physical, mental and psychological conditions of the clients. Each component of the treatment process is designed depending on the person. So, the treatment becomes more effective and recovery becomes faster.

The facility of the Indiana Recovery Center includes a sufficient number of professional and trained staff. They know how to deal with different types of addiction without bothering the mental health of the clients. They are passionate to recover people from addiction and bring them back to a healthy lifestyle.

If you think you need their help to bring you or your loved one back to a healthy life, call them anytime- at (765) 268-0322 or email info@indianarecoverycenters.net. Also, you can visit their website at https://indianarecoverycenters.net

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Maryland

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center started its journey to, directly and indirectly, help clients, their families, and surroundings to avoid sufferings from addiction. They know how families are affected because of an addicted person. Also, they know that family plays an important role in the recovery from addiction. That’s why they engage family members in the recovery process if needed.

This place is full of people who work together to break the reasons behind addiction and make the clients stronger physically, mentally, and psychologically. This approach helps to recover fast and keep the reasons for addiction away from the clients in the future.

The service programs and their elements are designed here according to the needs and requirements of the individuals. The service elements typically include group therapy, family therapy, individual therapy, life-skill learning, and so on. The calm and friendly environment and behavior of the staff ensure a sense of friendship, eradicating the vibe that the clients are going through a drug recovery process.

If you think that this place can help you or someone around you to get rid of addiction, you can call them anytime. Call them at 410.773.0500 or email info@marylandaddictionrecovery.com. Also, you can pay a visit to their website- https://www.marylandaddictionrecovery.com

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Michigan

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery is a place that focuses on safe and careful recovery from addiction. They ensure safety from different dimensions to make the recovery process faster and smoother. This place has a wide range of treatment plans available from which you can choose one. The options include- Inpatient Rehabilitation, Outpatient Treatment, Partial Day Program, Continued Connection Program, and so on.

The recovery facility is situated in a scenic place, with a huge space for recreation and related activities. Thus, this place ensures enough space and situation for the clients to recover faster and more effectively.

The outpatient and inpatient recovery programs of Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery are designed with proven recovery steps. The people here in this recovery center are passionate about saving people from the darkness of addiction. After you finish the process, they’ll still be connected with you and take care of you so that you can cope with day-to-day life.

If you think that this place can help you with addiction recovery, schedule an appointment by calling 866-552-5607. Before that, you can check more about the recovery center by visiting their website- https://www.brightonrecovery.org

Best Drug Rehab Centers in New Jersey

Alina Lodge

The name may make you think that it is a hotel, but it is not. With a long 60+ years of experience, Alina Lodge is one of the most popular places for residential addiction treatment. This place comes with a very beautiful and charming environment that heals the clients physically, mentally, and psychologically. Besides, the treatment and support staff shows a positive approach that has brought a friendly vibe here.

Alina Lodge offers a wide range of recovery programs, including a 90 days rehab program and long-term addiction recovery program. The recovery programs are designed to treat different types of drug abuse and after-effects. Besides addiction, this place treats behavioral health issues too.

Besides bringing back to a healthy lifestyle, recovery programs at Alina Lodge are designed to help the clients to manage all areas of their life. That’s why they don’t feel helpless going back to their regular life. Even if they feel that they can cope with those. As a result, the possibility of going back to an addicted lifestyle is very low.

Alina Lodge is one of the best places for recovery from addiction or behavioral health issues. If you want this place to help you or your loved one, call at 833.753.0866 anytime. Also, you can know more about them by checking their website- https://www.alinalodge.org

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Recovery Center

Pennsylvania Recovery Center offers the best and most effective alcohol and drug addiction recovery programs in Pennsylvania. The treatment procedures are proven to be the best result in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. They focus on assessing and evaluating the reasons behind the addiction and design the program according to that. That’s why the treatment becomes more fruitful compared to regular processes.

This recovery center has a great team of doctors, therapists, counselors, and specialists who are experts in their own fields. They treat the clients as humans, not patients. Their compassionate and friendly behavior makes the recovery process easier and smoother.

Pennsylvania Recovery Center has the required facilities and expertise to bring people to the light of a healthy lifestyle. Through a continuous process, they change the inner person so that the clients can self-help themselves to get rid of the addiction. Their journey of bringing people to a healthy lifestyle has made a huge transformation among the clients they’ve served.

If you think that Pennsylvania Recovery Center can help you with addiction, you can call them at 610-233-4342 or send an email to admissions@parecoverycenter.com anytime for support. To know more about them, visit their site- https://pennsylvaniarecoverycenter.org

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Texas

Into Action Recovery Centers

Into Action Recovery Centers is a place where you’ll find a number of professional and experienced medical persons, therapists, and counselors. This place believes in personalizing the treatment processes designed by researching and analyzing the reasons behind the addiction of a person. As a result, they offer an effective and fast solution to recover from drug addiction.

This place offers an Intensive Outpatient Program, Partial Hospitalization Program, and Residential Treatment Program. The facility ensures a safe, structured, and friendly environment that aids in healing faster. The staffs are helpful and friendly in terms of behavior. It is an ideal place in Texas for different types of addiction recovery.

Into Action Recovery Center is focused to build a community that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Clients join the community after the program is over to continue carrying a positive lifestyle. Thus, they help the clients even after the program is finished and the client is back at home.

There are a lot of factors that have made this facility one of the best drug rehab centers in Texas. If you need their help, you can call them anytime at 844-303-3969 or email them at info@intoactionrecovery.com. Visit their website to know more about them- https://www.intoactionrecovery.com

Final Thoughts

So, according to my opinion, these are some of the best drug rehab centers in the world. Most of these are inpatient drug rehab centers where you can admit your loved one for recovery. Maybe you’ll find 5-star drug rehab centers among these.

Now the choice is yours. I’ve picked the best names and talked a bit about them. What you should do is- pick the nearest drug rehab center, check their site to learn more about them, and call them so that they can help you with the addiction recovery of your loved ones.

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