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According to a survey from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 19 out of 50 states in the USA have an increased death rate for drug and substance overdose and Michigan is one of these 19 states. The survey also stated that if the increasing number of drug activities continues at the current rate in Michigan, mental illness cases will exceed the number of physical illness cases by 2027. Because of narcotics offenses, more than 47,000 arrests were made in one year.

The number of marijuana abuse patients in Michigan treatment centers has increased from 13% to 22% within the last few years. Over 20% of the patients were below 18 years old while over 60% of the patients were male. From 1999 to 2015, over 4,400 people died due to opiate-related overdose, and over half of those incidents occurred after 2010.

Michigan state authority has allocated 4% of the state budget for the consequence, treatment, and prevention of drug addiction. Only 8.2% of alcohol-dependent people receive treatment though there are many top-class drug and alcohol rehab centers in Michigan with loads of amenities and features.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best and top-rated alcohol and drug rehab centers in Michigan. We have made this list based on the facilities, amenities, treatment programs, and environment available at the rehab centers. We will talk about both inpatient drug rehab in Michigan as well as outpatient drug rehab centers. So, without any further introduction, let’s start the article:

Michigan City Drug Rehab

Life Care Center of Michigan City

Life Care Center of Michigan City

Life Care Center of Michigan City is an effective place for alcohol and drug abuse treatment which is located on the banks of Lake Michigan. There are different options available for recovery programs such as post-operative recovery, long-term care or short-term rehabilitation, etc. They offer both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs with 24-hour nursing care. Their professional therapists and staff work to develop an individualized recovery plan for each patient to fulfill their requirements.

This inpatient drug rehab in Michigan offers the highest quality of care and treatment facilities. Their nursing team is highly experienced with different nursing skills. They ensure 24/7 care for the patients. They work for short and long-term care, post-surgical care, wound care, infection management, case management, personalized treatment plans, medication management, etc.

There is a team of skilled therapists to evaluate the rehabilitation needs of the patients. They design and develop a personalized recovery program from the evaluation. Their focus is to help the patients to reach their highest potential and restore the important confidence and abilities for a healthier and happier life in the future.

Life Care Center of Michigan City offers a safe and friendly atmosphere for its patients. They offer different amenities including a certified dietitian, a homelike setting, a daily activity schedule, a fine dining program, private and semi-private rooms, etc.

Contact Number: 219-872-7251 Website: www.lcca.com

Salvation Army Drug Rehab Michigan

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Michigan is dedicated to supporting alcohol and drug abusers to rebuild their life. Their residential and holistic work therapy programs are designed using various meaningful as well as effective activities to help the patients to overcome the dreadful habit of substance abuse. Their facility is large enough to treat over 300 patients at a time. They offer personalized social, spiritual, and emotional assistance for the patients to ensure a friendly and safe environment through the complete recovery process.

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Michigan has unique treatment programs for substance abuse recovery. They work to redirect addictive thoughts as well as replace addictive habits to bring behavioral changes among the patients. To find out the core issues of the patient’s drug and alcohol abuse, they have both individuals as well as group counseling sessions.

This inpatient drug rehab in Michigan has introduced a work therapy to replace the addictive thoughts and behaviors of the patients with more productive and healthier activities. They help the patients to learn new skills including customer service, security operations, office, and retail skills, maintenance and repair handiness, etc. This work therapy helps the patients to become responsible, punctual, and reliable people. They help to build a solid foundation so that the patients can resume their life in society once again with a healthier life.

Contact Number: 313-965-7760 Website: www.semichigan.satruck.org

Brighton Drug Rehab Michigan

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery is a drug and alcohol abuse treatment center that has been providing innovative, compassionate, and respectful treatments since 1950. It is one of the most experienced drug abuse treatment facilities among the drug rehab centers in Michigan. It is a completely nonprofit organization that runs through different charitable donations. It is continuously helping thousands of people to recover from alcohol and drug abuse and enjoy a healthier life.

Brighton Center for Recovery comes with a large number of highly qualified and well-experienced professionals as well as medical staff to help patients. They offer 12-step addiction treatment based on abstinence. Their main focus is to bring a change in the patients’ lives that leads them to achieve the efficiency to lead a self-directed life as well as the courage to attain the full potential for a healthier and happier life in the future.

Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery offers different treatment services including rehabilitation, detoxification, intensive outpatient treatment programs, partial hospitalization, etc. For children aged from 7 to 12, they have a Children’s Addiction Prevention Program. They accept almost all insurances including Medicare and Medicaid.

Contact Number: 866-228-2296 Website: www.brightonrecovery.org

Drug Rehab Centers in Michigan that Accept Medicaid

Henry Ford Maplegrove Center

Henry Ford Maplegrove Center

Henry Ford Maplegrove Center is offering detoxification, residential rehabilitation, and complete outpatient care for drug and alcohol addicts for nearly 40 years. They have an experienced recovery team with certified and well-trained experts and staff to guide patients through every step phase of their recovery journey. To treat the body, spirit, and mind of the patients, they follow different individualized recovery programs with evidence-based treatment plans. Every year they help thousands of patients with a long-term recovery from addiction using specialized support and treatments.

They offer outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient programs, residential addiction treatment, detoxification, medication-assisted treatment for addiction, and addiction care for teens, women, and professionals. Their newly remodeled recovery center in Michigan has semi-private as well as private rooms for their patients. They ensure a stable, friendly, and safe environment for the efficient long-term recovery of the patients.

From the list of best drug rehab in Michigan, this facility has several accreditations from multiple organizations including the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons and The Gold Star Standard from the Pulmonary Hypertension Association. It accepts Medicaid and other popular insurances.

Contact Number: 248-661-6100 Website: www.henryford.com

Drug Rehab Centers in Detroit Michigan

Second Chance Drug Treatment

Located in Detroit Second Chance Drug Treatment is among the most prominent alcohol and drug abuse recovery centers in Michigan. It providing treatment facilities for patients for more than the last 40 years. This recovery facility is specialized in substance, alcohol, and drug abuse treatment. They offer full recovery treatment programs under the experts’ supervision. They offer fully personalized recovery treatment plans depending on your condition, requirements, and history.

The Detroit-based recovery facility has different treatment programs for the patients including intensive outpatient treatment, full-day treatment, aftercare and extended care, substance abuse treatment, drug and alcohol addiction, partial hospitalization, counseling for family, group, and individual patients, etc. There are certified, long-experienced and well-trained experts and staff working 24/7 for the patients. A safe and peaceful environment all around the rehab center is effective for the speedy recovery of the patients.

Contact Number: 248-209-6979

Drug Rehab Programs in Michigan

Skywood Recovery Outpatient at Royal Oak

Skywood Recovery Outpatient at Royal Oak

Skywood Outpatient Royal Oak is a great solution for patients who have recently gone through an inpatient program as well as patients without in need of residential treatment. It is specialized for treating persons trying to deal with mental health disorders and drug and alcohol abuse. They offer personalized treatments in-person as well as online. Their treatment models are arranged with individualized recovery support programs depending on the current condition, history, and requirements of the patients.

This one of the best drug rehab centers in Michigan focuses on the long-term recovery of patients from alcohol and substance abuse. Their well-experienced professionals are well-trained and certified for substance abuse treatment. The dedicated treatment team here supports the patients throughout different phases of the recovery program for a sustainable recovery.

This intensive outpatient facility offers recovery programs that are designed to heal the mind, bodies, and souls of the patients. This easily accessible outpatient recovery facility offers a safe, friendly, and comfortable atmosphere for each patient with individualized treatment programs based on their needs for a speedy recovery. They offer different care facilities including individual sessions, family or group therapy, psychiatric support, etc. both on-site as well as through virtual platforms. It is connected with Aetna, Priority Health, BCBS, Cigna, Humana, Multiplan, Tricare, ComPsych, and Prominence Health Plan.

Contact Number: 248-965-6613 Website: www.skywoodrecovery.com

Long Term Drug Rehab in Michigan

Dawn Farm Spera Center

Dawn Farm Spera Center is a non-profitable organization for treating substance abusers and drug addicts. It comes with a safe and recovery-friendly atmosphere for the patients for a speedy recovery. They help the patients with a sustainable and individualized treatment plan for long-term recovery and happier life in the future. They offer their treatment facilities without any charges.

The patients in Dawn Farm Spera Center attend 12-step meetings daily to become intimate with the treatment team. Professional counselors and staffs work here. They monitor the conditions of the patients, audit the initial assessments, and develop a personalized recovery treatment plan for each patient to create a sustainable recovery plan for the patients.

12-step-oriented recovery programs in Dawn Farm Spera Center include recreation, daily group therapy, social development activities, supervised work, AA meetings, etc. The on-site learning center offers in-house education to help patients with GED diplomas as well as high school. Pregnant alcohol and drug abusers, they have a specialized treatment program.

From the list of best drug rehab in Michigan, it offers different recovery facilities such as Emergency Mental Health Crisis Intervention, Outpatient Day Treatment, and Detoxification, Short and Long-Term Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization, etc.

Contact Number: 734-485-8725 Email: info@dawnfarm.org Website: www.dawnfarm.org

Best Drug Rehab Centers in Michigan

Sanford House at Cherry Street

Sanford House at Cherry Street

Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers help people addicted to alcohol and drugs with the place to gather enough strength to come out of the habit. They help the patients with essential guidelines, treatment facilities, and recovery plans to begin a new journey of life. According to the experts working in this one of the top-rated drug rehab centers in Michigan, recovery is a long-term process and their target is to prepare you for this long run.

Sanford House at Cherry Street is mainly for women while Sanford House at John Street offers treatment for men. The women’s treatment facility has room for 10 residents to provide different recovery programs. Their treatment programs start with an initial assessment by well-trained and certified experts. They plan individualized treatment programs for each patient from the assessment and the requirements.

This inpatient drug rehab in Michigan provides an evidence-based sophisticated clinical program. It comes with well-experienced, highly-trained, certified, and master’s level therapists and experts to treat patients.  They offer 24/7 medical support with a team of medical staff, nurse practitioners, addictionologist, nurse supervisors, and physician assistants. The patients can be benefitted from the intensive outpatient program, residential treatment as well as partial hospitalization program of the Sanford House at Cherry Street.

Contact Number: 616-288-6970 Email: info@sanfordhouse.com Website: www.sanfordhousegr.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any rehab center open in Michigan during the Covid-19 pandemic?

–  Alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs are considered obligatory services. So, most of the rehab centers in Michigan are open during the ongoing pandemic situation. But they have to follow some procedures to run the treatment centers such as:

  • Daily sterilization
  • A limited number of outside visitors
  • Covid-10 screenings before admitting new patients
  • Daily temperature checks of the experts and the staff as soon as they arrive
  • Adherence to hygiene rules

Is there any outpatient drug rehab center available in Michigan?

–  Most of the alcohol and drug treatment centers in Michigan offer both outpatient and inpatient recovery treatment programs. Many of the rehabs on the list above offer outpatient treatments to drug and alcohol abusers.

How much does it cost for treatments in Michigan rehab centers?

We cannot provide you the exact figure of cost for treatments as it depends on various factors such as:

  • Type of treatment facility (state-funded or private)
  • Required level of care
  • Health insurance coverage etc.

Without any insurance coverage, you may have to pay from $500 to $1500 a day in highly accredited private rehab centers for residential treatments.

Can I find any free rehab center in Michigan?

–  Yes, there are few rehab centers in Michigan for people without any insurance. But note that the free or low-cost rehab centers in Michigan have extensive waiting lists. You may have to wait for a few days before enrolling in treatment programs.

How long do residential treatment programs last in Michigan alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers?

Usually, a residential treatment program lasts for 30 to 35 days. But in some cases, the treatment programs may last longer or shorter than 30 to 35 days depending on different factors such as if you need detoxification or not, long-term care, and many more.

Final Verdict

Drug and alcohol abuse leads a persona towards addiction, physical as well as mental health issues, and other abrupt consequences. Get support to recover yourself and your loved ones for a healthier and happier future through recovery treatment programs. The target of addiction treatment programs is to support people to recover from drug and alcohol addiction by finding out the root causes of their addiction.

We have provided different essential information you need to know including contact information of some of the best drug rehab centers in Michigan. All the data and information used in the article are the latest and updated. Contact the suitable rehab center according to your needs and go under inpatient or outpatient treatment programs following the counsel of the specialists.

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